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Daniel and Sindy are french missionaries in Norway. Little did they know that a casual invitation to a Jesus Revolution concert in 2005 would lead them to move to Oslo a few years later. After a decade of preparations and a family growth of 3 kids, the Lord has called them to respond to the holy urgency of unceasing prayer, worship and mercy.

Their passion is for the European House of Prayer Day&Night where Daniel works as the International Director since September the 01 st, 2020. Daniel’s dream is to see an army of musicianaries flooding Europe with the Presence and the mercy of God. He has a huge heart to train young people, teach and equip worship leaders, musicians and singers alike.

Daniel is also heading up the worship ministry in his local church, writing songs and resources, leading prayer meetings and more.

The Tassone family is on a faith journey where they trust the Lord’s provision for their incomes (Sindy is currently working at a kindergarten). They are loaded with expectations and excited to share this adventure with you!

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