Internship and Bible School

Be trained to cherish, carry and release His presence!

During a worship evening, a couple walked into our church, looking around a bit perplexed, but mostly amazed.

They both sat in the second row, with the kind of reverence that most first-timers have. After a few minutes, the young woman began to cry silently, overcome by the presence of God.

Everyone longs for the love of God. We want to train you to be a carrier of His presence, through worship and prayer.

Imagine the impact of the Body of Christ when our doors will be open 24 hours a day, 8760 hours a year!

We dream of building a European house of prayer for all nations, a place of unity, salvation, healing and restoration. The good news is that you can be part of seeing this dream come true!

Join us to be trained and to help build a 24/7 center for worship, prayer and mercy right in the heart of Oslo.

In this version, you will live at the Jesus House with other missionaries and “musicianaries.” During the mornings, you receive teaching at the Bible School TBBMI, and in the afternoons be trained for ministry with Day&Night. You pay a monthly fee that covers all your training, food and lodging.

This version is from the end of August until the end of July and is for people aged 18-29.


  • Live at the Jesus House
  • Your food and lodging is taken care of
  • Full-time training and ministry
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In this version, you organize your own food and lodging solutions, and have more flexibility. During the mornings, you receive teaching at the the Bible and Missions Institute. It is possible to choose different ministry hours in the house of prayer during the afternoon, the evening or the week-end. The semester fee you pay in this version is for the teaching at the Bible school.

This version is from the end of August until the end of June and is for all ages.


  • Flexibility in the afternoons
  • Join the D&N team to minister in Oslo
  • Possibility to combine ministry and a part time job
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We are looking for musicians and singers with a passion for Jesus, worship and mission. Here’s to the musicianaries! Set aside one year for adventure! You will encounter God and make life-changing experiences in His Presence.

You will join the Day&Night teams for ministry several hours per week. Your ministry will mainly be focused in Oslo, but you will also go on tour with the Bible school during two weeks and on selected week-ends during the year to run “Youth Revival” conferences.

Are you all about sound or screen, with a burning heart for Jesus? Here’s to the technicianaries! With a vision for 24/7 praise we need many sound and screen technicians. If you are one of them, you are wanted!

You will be part of the worship team and playing an important role both here in Oslo at the Church of Mark and out on the mission field. Imagine the impact we can have when like-minded young people like you and many others give one year for God!

The church that never sleeps should be a place serving people with the mercy of God in a practical way. If this resonates in you, we need also youth like you! The Presence of God attracts people in many different life situations.

You will be ministering to people and to God by doing good and loving on those in need. This is worship too! These are the sacrifices that please God!

The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Therefore PRAY!
Come and deepen your prayer life in an atmosphere of faith and revival. Whether you are new to prayer or a prayer warrior, there is room for everyone in Day&Night.

You will receive practical teachings about intercession, making petitions for the nations, waiting on the Lord, praying for the sick. The same hands lifted up in adoration will be laid on the sick. Join us as we will collectively live the Lord’s Prayer lifestyle, expecting prayer to release the will of God on earth as it is in Heaven

Premier pro? After Effect? Photoshop? If these words mean anything to you and you are also passionate about the presence of God, this is the place for you! Our heart is for people to connect to Day & Night from anywhere in the world and be activated to worship and prayer 24/7!

Streaming productions, music videos, motion graphics and social media content, you name it! You will have the opportunity to develop your craft as you also grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord by being part of building the Kingdom! We are here to be light, bringing out the God-colours in the world. God is not a secret to be kept, and we are going public with this, as public as a city on a hill.

If you want to give one year for God and yet don’t see yourself in either of the team opportunities, there is more! A vision for a 24/7 European House of prayer requires a large set of practical services of all kinds.

Caretaker services, cleaning, safety, cooking, making coffee, transportation, administration, accounting, etc. The possibilities to serve and help are endless. Take contact with us and we would love to connect!


In TBBMI knowledge and ministry go hand in hand. What you learn in school during the teachings, you put into practice during your ministry hours. The school is placed in a dynamic environment with the vision to reach out to all parts of society. TBBMI offers different ministry opportunities and Day&Night is one of them.

In Day&Night you will grow in your personal prayer life, as well as developing your gifts within music, administration and compassion. You will be a part of pioneering a place where worship and prayer will go up before God day and night, and where people will be met with love and mercy.

For more information: tbbmi.no