Kingdom Come Conference (Norway)

Kingdom Come Conference is taking place in Oslo from December 30th to December 31st.

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Freely you have received, freely give!

Imagine what the start of the new year could look like if you’d received a fresh touch of Heaven!

Join us and bring your friends for an unforgettable weekend that will turn your life upside down and will give you the best start of the new year. Expect lots of fun, lots of craziness, laughter and challenges as well as a powerful touch of Heaven!

At the conference you will experience the Kingdom of Heaven in an atmosphere of worship, prayer and hunger for God’s Word. You will get to draw closer to Jesus in a radical way so you may freely give to the world, to your classmates, to your friends and family what you will freely receive during these 3 exciting days!

“The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. (Mt 10:7-8)

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The conference is taking place in Oslo December 30th-31st.
The location for the meetings is “Markus Church”, the address is Schwensens gate 9c, 0170 Oslo

Age of participants
Mainly 15-25 years, but the conference is open for all. Welcome!

Conference cost
Kingdom Come is a free entrance conference.

Meals info
Meals are not included in the conference. A map will be handed out at the conference with suggestions for fast food places and Oslo’s top sightseeing attractions.

Gym Hall to the church
It takes about 40 min with the tram between sleeping accommodation(the gym hall) and the church.

Gym hall “KFUM Hallen”: Ekebergveien 109, 1178 Oslo.
Church “Markus Kirke”: Schwensens gate 9c, 0170 Oslo

Please download the app for your transport with tram and bus.

We recommend you to buy a 24hour ticket at 12€ so you can travel freely the whole day on saturday:

Airport to the church
Please download the app for your transport with train:

It takes only 40 mins from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Markus Church and it costs 9€.

We recommend to take the following route:

  • From Oslo Airport: Train L12 Kongsberg, or R10 Drammen, or R11 Skien, stop at “Oslo S”
  • From “Oslo S”: Bus 37 “Nydalen T”, stop at “St. Hanshaugen”

Details about accommodation

Our accommodation offer is now closed. We ask you to kindly independently arrange the place to stay during the conference.

If you need accommodation, we can provide lodging for 3 nights: December 29th, 30th and 31st. It costs 20€ per night. An additional fee of 12€ if you need to buy a mattress. You will be lodged with your friends in a gym hall.
The location for accommodation is the gym hall “KFUM Hallen”, the address is Ekebergveien 109, 1178 Oslo.
If you need accomodation, please sign up to this link so we may book a place for you: sign up link.

If you are choosing to independently provide for the location to stay during the conference,  there are numerous B & Bs and Airbnbs in the area. Check out the various search engines:

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Friday 30.12.22
1900 – 2130 Evening meeting

Saturday 31.12.22
1100 – 1300 Morning meeting

1300 – 1800 Time out
* Lunch time out in the city
* Activities in the gym hall: football, basketball
* Sightseeing in the city

1800 – 2000 New Years Cocktail
* New Years Cocktail (alcohol free)
* New Years Picture wall
* Mingling
*New Years Dinner with Jesus Revolution: 30€

2000 – 2230 New Years meeting with Stephan Christiansen

2230-2330 Worship Party with Marie Hognestad

Midnight: Fireworks + Soup and bread

Worship and prayer with the nations
Ending: Dancing Party 🎉🥳

We are looking forward to seeing you! In Christ, we have been positioned to receive a Kingdom that is unshakable. Let us get hold of this promise for 2023!

Since we are receiving a Kingdom that is unshakable, let us be thankful and please God by worshiping him with holy fear and awe. (Heb 12:28 NLT)