Day&Night Internship

Full-time ministry for young adults
In collaboration with the Bible School TBBMI

We are committed to training worshippers and intercessors who minister with the power of God

We believe that God is enthroned in the midst of our praises. We have witnessed time and time again how God answers our worship with His manifested presence. We are dedicated to see more of His glory as musicians and singers develop their gifts and arise in their calling. Our training includes band rehearsals, music and singing practice as well as spontaneous worship teachings.


We pursue a culture of prayer where we expect signs and wonders. Jesus’ secret about His supernatural ministry was the secret place with the Father. Therefore the disciples asked the Master this only one thing: «Teach us to pray». God still wants to show His mercy and heal the sick today. We are committed to teach you how to pursue and cultivate a lifestyle of prayer and fasting.


The people who surround us and the experiences we share together profoundly shape who we become. We want you to be part of a team and a Christian fellowship which fosters deep friendship. You will live together at our Community house but you will also travel to places in Norway and Europe to visit youth groups, lead worship nights and prayer events.


We collaborate with the TBBMI Bible School to provide a biblical foundation for our interns. The Word fuels our vision to see "His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." God has given us His promises so we can understand His ways and partner with Him. The daily teaching of the Scriptures will allow your prayer life and your faith to grow hand in hand.


Become a carrier of His Presence
Get equipped to see Heaven on earth through worship and prayer

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Meet your instructors

Staff, teachers and guest teachers!

Stephan og Anne Christiansen


Stephan and Anne Christiansen are experienced leaders in the Kingdom of God. They carry an important message for the body of Christ and are passionate about revival in Norway and in Europe. They are the senior pastors of Jesus Church, which they have founded. Stephan and Anne are both pioneers, and together they have started several organisations, included Day&Night in 2018.

Daniel Tassone


Daniel is one of the main teachers in Day&Night Community.
Daniel is dedicated to train young people, teach and equip worship leaders, musicians and singers. Daniel is french and married with Sindy they have 4 children. He leads Day&Night, and has a desire to see 24/7 worship, prayer and mercy in Oslo and Europe.
"Day&Night Community is your dream come true, but it's definitely mine too!" ~ Daniel

Marie Hognestad


Marie is one of the main teachers at Day&Night Community.
Marie is a woman after God's own heart. Her longing for God's presence is inspiring. Marie is very much looking forward to sharing what she has learned through many years of experience as a worship leader, and as a "Jesus lover".

Margo Davidovna


Margo is responsible for Day&Night Community House daily running.

Margo comes from Ukraine. She is a prayer woman who has experienced true faith and knows the power that works in response to prayer.

Kristi Charlotte Lee


Krys Anne is the Day&Night booking responsible.
Kristi is passionate about seeing the temple of the Lord filled with glory through creativity, music and art. She also writes songs where she shares her love for Jesus with a lot of passion. Her friends describe her as a "firecracker!"

Jon Åge Skuland


Jon Åge is responsible for Day&Night stands and promotion.

Jon Åge is passionate about prayer, he has a generous heart for people in need and is burning for mercy.

Ann Marit Lucero Grindaker


Ann Marit is Day&Night co-workers coordinator.

Ann Marit is passionate about seeing people equipped for minstry and strengthened in their intimacy with God.

Kjell Martin og Linn Myhr

Guest teachers

Kjell Martin and Linn are guest teachers at Day&Night Community.

Kjell Martin and Linn are lead pastors in Oslo Vineyard. They are passionate about seeing people equipped and strengthened in following Jesus Christ. Linn has been part of a national prayer ministry for many years while she worked as a TV host. Linn is also a gifted artist. Her great longing with paintings is to express the heart of God.

Benedicte Mella

Guest teacher

Benedicte is one of the guest teachers at Day&Night Community.

Benedicte is married and has three children. Benedicte has a strong longing to share the message of the bride (the church) preparing for the Bridegroom (Jesus). She is passionate about seeing revival in Norway at the same time that she is a visionary for "Onething Europe."

Jan Honningdal

Guest teacher

Jan is one of the guest teachers at Day&Night Community.

Jan is married and has four children, two boys and two girls, two sons-in-law and two grandchildren. Jan took his DTS in 1977, and has largely been involved in YWAM since then. At first he worked with Prokla Media (YWAM's publishing house), but since 1985 he has worked full-time in singing and music. Jan has been in worship ministry for many years, and has a lot of experience to pass on. Jan carries a fire to "release" a new generation of worshipers.

Anders Skarpsno

Guest teacher

Anders is one of the guest teachers at Day&Night Community.

Anders is married and has three children. Anders has his base at Bønnesenteret in Levanger, where he leads a large worship environment on a daily basis. His service consists also of traveling around Norway and helping to equip and encourage a surrendered life close to God. He is eager to get into the true, living and wholehearted worship and following of Jesus. He is very passionate about people experiencing the power and life-changing presence of God.