Serve in Day & Night


Worship and music

Church of Mark will be filled with praise and music, day and night. Worshipers and musicians have an important part in this. The service is unto the Lord and we want worshipers and musicians who do their utmost and praise the Lord with all their heart no matter how many people are present and whatever hour of the day they are in the church.

Media and technical staff

With 24/7 praise we need many sound technicians, large screen production crew, graphic production and crew for camera / live streaming on web tv. The idea is to be able to be connected to Day & Night from any home and participate in worship and prayer. Around the clock!


The prayer includes both general prayer and specific prayer for people in need, and prayer for sick and needy.


The church that never sleeps should be a place serving people with the mercy of God in a practical way. A 24-hour church will attract people in many different life situations. Day & Night will collaborate with various ministries in Oslo that offer assistance to people with different needs.

Practical services

A 24-hour church requires a large set of practical services of all kinds. Caretaker services, cleaning, safety, cooking, making coffee, transportation, administration, accounting, etc. The possibilities to serve and help are endless.