Do a Bible School Year with D&N

Evidence of Faith Bible and Missions Institute (TBBMI) was founded by the pioneer, evangelist and missionary Aril Edvardsen in 1968 and has the vision to equip the people of God for life and ministry. Both TBBMI and Day & Night are located in Markus Church, Oslo.

1st year Bible and Missions, a solid foundation for your faith
2nd year Preaching and Missions, focusing on leadership and ministry
3rd year Extended ministry, a year as a trainee working towards full-time ministry.

In TBBMI knowledge and ministry go hand in hand. What you learn in school during the teachings, you put into practice during your ministry hours. The school is placed in a dynamic environment with the vision to reach out to all parts of society. TBBMI offers different ministry opportunities and Day & Night is one of them.

In Day & Night you will grow in your personal prayer life, as well as developing your gifts within music, administration and compassion. You will be a part of pioneering a place where worship and prayer will go up before God day and night, and where people will be met with love and mercy.

For more information: tbbmi.no