Day&Night Community

Day&Night Community (August 2023 – June 2024)

This year, we will launch Day&Night Community, which will be a fulltime internship in Day&Night, where you will live in an community together in the Day&Night apartment. You will have a program which you will follow together, it includes bible school at TBBMI and Day&Night in the evenings.

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A vision for 24/7 prayer, worship and mercy.
The sound of worship and prayer is arising in the nations like never before. The Lord of the harvest is calling Kingdom workers to do the work of ministry at His feet, while embracing a missionary lifestyle. You can respond to His call at Day&Night!

School of Worship
Worshipers and musicians have an important part in Day&Night. We envision a church filled with praise and music, all day long and all night long, all year round! We are facilitating band rehearsals, music and singing lessons as well as hours of worship practice. This is your dream come true, a community of worshippers!  Day&Night School of Worship is a partnership with TBBMI bible school and internship*.
*Applicants are required to submit a video audition.

Day&Night Media makes worship and prayer available on digital platforms. Screens have become a part of our daily schedule. With a flow of continual worship and prayer, you can help provide the body of Christ with godly and refreshing live content at any time of the day or of the night.

Mercy Ministry
The Day&Night Mercy Workers are covering a large set of practical services. A church that never sleeps is a house of mercy which attracts people in many different life situations. You can be part of  showing the goodness of God in various ways with practical help, hospitality, cleaning, cooking, making coffee, transportation, administration, accounting, and more.

In this version, you will live at the Day&Night Community with other missionaries and “musicianaries.” During the mornings, you receive teaching at the Bible School TBBMI, and in the afternoons be trained for ministry with Day&Night. You pay a monthly fee that covers all your training, food and lodging.

This version is from the end of August until the end of July and is for people aged 18-29.


  • Live at the Day&Night Community
  • Your food and lodging is taken care of
  • Full-time training and ministry
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Day&Night Community
This is a unique opportunity in Europe! A full-time worship training in a house of prayer, including community living!

Join us as you will deepen your intimacy with the Lord, grow in your God-given talents, and spend a year with new friends.

It is also possible to choose part-time internship. Part-time interns organise their own food and lodging.

Do you have a longing to grow in prayer and intimacy with the Lord? At Day&Night, you will find out that the worshippers and the intercessors seek God together as one team. Everybody qualifies for prayer, so join the team! Intercession watches have various focuses including the nations, revival, church, mission, justice, only to mention a few.

The Day&Night Gatekeepers are the daily manpower of the house of prayer. In this ministry, you will be involved in a variety of tasks related to the meetings, from sound, screen, usher and other practical responsibilities.

In this version, you organize your own food and lodging solutions, and have more flexibility. During the mornings, you receive teaching at the the Bible and Missions Institute. It is possible to choose different ministry hours in the house of prayer during the afternoon, the evening or the week-end. The semester fee you pay in this version is for the teaching at the Bible school.

This version is from the end of August until the end of June and is for all ages.


  • Flexibility in the afternoons
  • Join the D&N team to minister in Oslo
  • Possibility to combine ministry and a part time job
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