An alliance

For all God's people


– center for worship, prayer, and mercy

Day&Night is a center for worship, prayer, and mercy, opening September 1st, 2018. This is an interdenominational work based in Markus Church on St Hanshaugen in Oslo.

The vision is a center that is open 24/7: day and night. 8760 hours each year of worship, prayer, and mercy!

How will this vision become a reality?

With an alliance of churches, businesses, organizations, ministries, prayer houses, worship leaders, musicians, prayer ministers, sound technicians, media and TV personnel, and volunteers from all over the country who want to work together day and night. This is a work for “all God’s people”.

Day&Night alliance

– for all God’s people
Why be part of Day&Night alliance?

1. United in praise and worship

Unceasing praise, worship, and calling on the Holy Name of God prepares the way for God’s glory and a revival in the country. Joining together with others in worship and prayer is “contagious”. We are inspired and filled with the Spirit of grace and prayer. We believe that, through churches and businesses being involved in Day&Night, the “fire will spread throughout the land of Norway and the continent of Europe”.

2. A house of prayer for Europe and the nations

Jesus said his house should be one of “prayer for nations”. We want to pray for the nations and peoples. Prayer for the world, prayer for Europe, and prayer for Israel belong in a house of prayer. In 1906, the Pentecostal movement started in Oslo and spread throughout Europe, just like on Azusa Street in California. Let us pray that these “wells” are opened again!

3. Christian unity

Day&Night is an expression of unity among God’s people. All Christians are welcome to be a part of this interdenominational vision. Prayer and worship to God unites us: On earth as it is in heaven.

4. The church that never sleeps: Mercy 24/7

A place where worship sounds night and day is a place where God’s mercy and power are active. Through Day&Night we want to be part of serving people in need in the city. The same hands that are lifted up in worship and awe are the same hands that are laid upon the sick and express God’s love in tangible ways.

5. Together for Norway and the capital

We want to come together in prayer for the country and people, parliament and government, royal house, leaders, and “all who are in high positions”. Oslo is Norway’s center for politics, finances, culture, and media. God’s people joining together in Markus Church, 900 meters from government offices, in prayer for the nation and capital, is part of us fulfilling our responsibility as a church.

Join the alliance

– To be an alliance partner
What does it look like to be part of Day&Night alliance?

1. Contribute once a year to Day&Night in Markus Church

Being part of the alliance entails coming at least once a year to contribute worship, prayer, mercy, prayer ministry, and technical/practical tasks. It can be an “annual mission trip to Oslo”. Churches in the Oslo area can of course come more often.

2. Contribute financially to Day&Night (Only for Norway, optional for the nations)

A center for 24/7 worship, prayer and mercy requires significant economic resources. The Bible says that “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. It is important to give to causes that we believe in and are part of.

3. Participate to one or more annual events

Every year we set aside the week of the New Year’s Eve to seek God together. We spend hours in the presence of God, in prayer and worship, day and night for 100 hours. It is also possible to come throughout the year to different highlights with different focuses, including prayer for the nations, prayer for Israel, prayer for revival and much more. Becoming part of the alliance can also be expressed in joining us to these annual events. When a church, an organization or individuals choose to attend yearly one or more highlights, they will be added to the growing list of Day&Night alliance partners.

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It is our prayer that many churches and businesses will be united in this vision. God spoke to us about this for the first time in 2002. When Jesus Church moved into Markus Church in 2014 we knew that this would be the place for Day&Night. We are taking the initiative for this, but the vision will be realized through an alliance of all of God’s people all over the earth. We hope that you will be part of i!

God’s rich blessings!
Stephan and Anne Christiansen