24/7 prayer for Ukraine

We are standing together with other nations around the world in a glorious unbroken 24/7 prayer marathon for the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian Church.

In this initiative, jointly prepared by the Western European Cabinet of Empowered21 and Pastor Henry Madava of Victory Church in Kyiv, each nation is agreeing to cover the same 1-hour slot in prayer, every day for 3 weeks as from midnight on Sunday night 8 May.

Pastor Henry, who is also co-chair of the Eastern European Cabinet of Empowered21, will be giving us periodic updates and prayer points to help us pray more effectively.

Here are the time slots being covered each day by the nations:

Midnight – 1am: BRAZIL (7pm-8pm Brazilian Time)
1am-2am: USA (7pm-8pm US Eastern Time)
2am-3am: MALAYSIA (8am-9am Malaysian Time)
3am-4am: INDONESIA (8am-9am Indonesian Time)
4am-5am HONG KONG (9am-10am Hong Kong Time)
5am-6am: PHILIPPINES (10am-11am Filipino Time)
6am-7am: NORWAY
7am-8am: UKRAINE (8am-9am Ukrainian Time)
8am-9am: SLOVAKIA
9am-10am: INDIA (1.30pm-2.30pm Indian Time)
10am-11am: ITALY
11am-12 noon: SWEDEN
12 noon-1pm: Church of God Central Europe Region
1pm-2pm: IRELAND (12 noon-1pm Irish Time)
2pm-3pm: SCOTLAND (1pm-2pm UK Time)
4pm-5pm: GREECE (5pm-6pm Athens Time)
5pm-6pm: SWITZERLAND & ESTONIA (6pm-7pm Estonian Time)
6pm-7pm: NIGERIA (5pm-6pm Laos Time) & RUSSIA (7pm-8pm Moscow Time)
7pm-8pm: LATVIA (8pm-9pm Latvian Time)
8pm-9pm: GERMANY
9pm-10pm: POLAND
10pm-11pm: ARGENTINA (5pm-6pm Argentinian Time)
11pm-Midnight: PERU (4pm-5pm Peru Time)

There is also an online rota at: https://pray.24-7prayer.com/signup/e221f4/

We are asking that you would publicise this as widely as possible so that believers in your nation can use these times to pray for Ukraine, either by themselves at home, or together with others.

Also, if you know church movements in other nations, not yet on the rota, that may want to participate in this initiative, please let us know: post@dayandnight.no

This 21-day Prayer Marathon is an opportunity for us to act upon our deep concern for Ukraine and the current situation in Europe. Many of us have sent teams into Ukraine, and are receiving Ukrainian refugees into our churches.

May God stir up our faith, and increase compassion and wisdom among the Spirit Empowered Christians around the globe.

Yours in Christ’s Service

Nick Park
Co-Chair, Western European Cabinet

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