Day&Night Events

All Night Prayer
In addition to the regular schedule, Day&Night gathers in bigger numbers for national as well as international events. Once a month, Day&Night lingers 12 hours in the presence of God at all night prayer (1900 to 0700).

Throughout history, God has written His Story as the church was praying during the night hours. The 12 disciples stepped into destiny after Jesus interceded for them and continued all night in prayer. Locked behind bars, the apostle Peter was rescued by an angel from an impending death. The church was gathered to watch and pray for him without ceasing. The city of Philippi experienced an earthquake of enormous magnitude. At midnight it shook the prison where Paul and his friend Silas sat in, broke off the locks of all the doors as well as the bonds of the prisoners. Paul’s and Silas’ prayers became the epicentre that made the earth tremble.

Inspired by the example of Jesus and the early church, we believe that the Body of Christ can step into destiny, signs and wonders as intercessors and worshippers pave the way also in the night hours.

Prayer for Norway – 100 hours
Day&Night marks the beginning of each new school year with “Prayer for Norway – 100 hours”. Day&Night mobilises Norway to pray during 100 continual hours in an atmosphere of worship. There are several ministries involved, as the main meetings are streamed live on TV, the Bible School TBBMI is hosting prayer seminars in the mornings, a panel of many worship teams are engaging in the day time while intercessors are keeping the fire of prayer burning throughout the night watches.

Kingdom Come – Worship with the nations
At the turn of the new year, Day&Night invites the nations to gather around the presence of God. European worshipers with their teams are leading worship at “Kingdom Come”, Day&Night’s New Year’s Conference. It takes place from the 30th of December to the 1st of January. Day&Night’s greatest joy is to see a growing interest among the nations as they share the vision across churches and denominations!

Passion Week – At the feet of Jesus
Throughout Church history, Passion Week, also known as Holy Week has always been the pinnacle of Church’s calendar. Day&Night has a special focus on the redemptive work of our Lord Jesus from Maundy Thursday through Resurrection Sunday. If ever there should be a week where the church is open 24/7, it is the Holy Week! Day&Night envisions a continual flow of worship and baptism services. Believers would celebrate and magnify Jesus, the Savior of the world to the rhythm of praise and unceasing prayer, intercession in different forms as well as Bible prophetic texts read to the sound of diverse music expressions.

Prayer for Europe – 100 hours
Day&Night will soon start “Prayer for Europe – 100 hours”. It will be a European meeting point for the whole continent. The event will take place in Markus church in Oslo, but will host prayer leaders, musicians, worship leaders, pastors and ministers from all over Europe gathered with the same heart and purpose: to see revival in our nations. There will be live streaming so believers would be able to connect from everywhere and join the stream of prayer and worship that would arise like incense from the heart of Oslo to the heart of God.

Full Time Spring Internship
Every spring, Day&Night opens up for an extra “Full Time Internship” for anyone who has not been able to join from the fall. The program starts on April 01st and lasts for 3 months. It all culminates into a week of 24/7 Day&Night Summer Community.

The internship is open for young people between 18 and 29.

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Day&Night Summer Community
At the end of the school year, Day&Night will be soon hosting in Markus church a 24/7 week called “Summer Community”. The purpose of these days is to facilitate a place and a time where young people will live together in community to dedicate themselves to worship and prayer.

The Day&Night Summer Community is open for young people between 18 and 29.

Prices and more info: here