The Alliance

This is a work that needs to be done together, not being accomplished by only one group of people, but as a work of unity for the whole body of Christ.

Standing together for Norway and the Capital

We will stand together in prayer for the nation and the people, the parliament and the government, the royal household, the leaders and “everyone in high positions.” Oslo is Norway’s centre for politics, finance, culture and media. By this the people of God in Norway unite in prayer for the nation and the Capital at Church of Mark, which is strategically located 900 metres from the government buildings thus expressing our joint prayer responsibility.


Christian unity

Day& Night will be an expression of unity among God’s people. All Christians are welcome to be a part of this joint Christian vision. Prayer and worship to God unite us: As in heaven, so also on earth.


United in worship and praise

24-hour continous praise, worship and prayer to the Name of a Holy God, paves the way for the His glory, creating fertile ground for revival in our nation. Standing together with others in worship and prayer has an “contagious effect”. We are inspired and filled with the Spirit of grace and prayer. We believe that churches and the joint involvement with Day & Night will spark “a fire that spreads throughout the country.”

The church that never sleeps: mercy 24/7

A place where worship resounds day and night is a place where God’s grace and power are at work. Day & Night will serve people in need in the capital. The same hands that are lifted up in worship and admiration, are the same hands that are laid on the sick and expressing God’s love in a practical way.

A house of prayer for Europe and the nations

Jesus said that His house should be  “a house of prayer for all people. ” We will pray for the nations, and for the peoples. Prayer for the world, prayer for Europe and prayer for Israel is fitting for a house of prayer. In 1906, the Pentecostal revival broke out in Oslo and spread across Europe, just as had happened in Azusa Street in California. Let us pray that these “wells” are dug up again!