All Night Prayer & Worship

In addition to the regular schedule (see calendar), Day&Night gathers in bigger numbers for national as well as international events. Once a month, Day&Night lingers 12 hours in the presence of God at all night prayer (1900 to 0700). Throughout history, God has written His story as the Church prayed during the nighttime hours.

The 12 disciples stepped into destiny after Jesus interceded for them and continued all night in prayer. Locked behind bars, the apostle Peter was rescued by an angel from an impending death all the while the church was gathered to watch and pray for him late in the night. The city of Philippi experienced an earthquake of enormous magnitude. At midnight it shook the prison where Paul and his friend Silas sat in, broke off the locks of all the doors as well as the bonds of the prisoners. Paul’s and Silas’ worship songs were the epicentre which made the earth tremble.

Inspired by the example of Jesus and the early Church, we believe that the Body of Christ can step into destiny and witness outbreaks of signs and wonders as intercessors seek the Lord also in the night hours.