The One Voice to know by heart

In our days systems are changing or even dissolving. Ways we have done things before does not work any longer. Even as The Church, circumstances are so different that we simply cannot copy and paste when it comes to the ‘how.’ In times like these we need leadership that is not based solely on what used to work.

Leadership in the Kingdom of God has alway been about those who know His voice.

– Church is those who hear God’s voice, a professor in theology from Fuller University once said, and I thought it was simply put by someone that smart. But I loved it. It really has always been those who would seek God and learn to know Him personally who have walked as forerunners in the Kingdom.

In this hour I believe God will use those who have spent time in His presence, and learnt to recognize His voice!

It isn’t about how much we know or understand, it is about how much we know HIM and are willing to follow Him fully.

Jesus only did what the Father showed Him. He did it fully. Obediently and wholeheartedly. Trusting with His life.

That is the kind of leadership the Kingdom of God will have in this hour. Those whom like Jesus are leaning in to the Father, to hear His voice and be lead by His Spirit in all small and large matters. Trusting the One who knows and understands our time, all cirumstances and the future.

If we want to become that kind of people, we spend time with God.

That’s the way we learn to know Him – and there is no shortcut. Let us be those who dwell with Him in His Word and in Worship. Those who spend time listening and whispering. Those who are with Him just for His own sake, because we put Him above all else. There we turn into friends that He will share His heart with and whom He will allow as a part of His plans for this hour.

And no restrictions in the world can hinder us from this – so go!

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