Prayers will be lifted up to the Almighty God from hearts that are hungry for Him, His power and His glory. Oslo was once an Azusa Europe – The fire of God was burning and the ripple effect was felt throughout vast parts of the continent. We will dig up that well by our prayers – the longing for revival fills us with an urge to pray. God’s command to pray for our country and people, government and parliament must be taken seriously.


God’s Name shall be worshiped, praised and honored day and night! As in heaven, so on earth. Simply because He is worthy! King David received a vision for the temple, and in it there was praise and worship day and night. Singers and musicians went on shifts to make sure that praise offerings were always brought before God. In our time, the Lord again rises up David’s tabernacle, a temple for God in the Spirit, filled by His presence.


A center for worship and mercy is a place where God’s presence and power convey healing to spirit, body, and soul. It is a place where the love for God is expressed in worship and in practical mercy to people in need. Imagine if people in Oslo who wake up at night, overwhelmed with worry, fear and darkness, say to themselves: I must go to “the church that never sleeps.” This is our dream!

THE Alliance

Why join the Day & Night Alliance?

We will stand together in prayer for the nation and the people, the parliament and the government, the royal household, the leaders and “everyone in high positions.” Oslo is Norway’s centre for politics, finance, culture and media. By this the people of God in Norway unite in prayer for the nation and the Capital at Church of Mark, which is strategically located 900 metres from the government buildings thus expressing our joint prayer responsibility.

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God called me out of my work as a nurse in Austria to join the first year at this Bible school. What impacted me most in these last few months is that as a part of Day&Night practise, I learned how to pray! Realy pray. Its acutally not boring, but a privilege to talk to God. This 2-way communication makes our relationship to Him so much stronger and deeper.

If you want to see a change in your personal life, your family, your country… you need to start praying. Prayer is something you have to throw yourself into – just do it! – and walk alongside strong prayer warriors. And I can tell you, you find them here!

Day&night will not only give opportunities to grow in worship, sound-technique and reaching out to people in mercy ministries, but to change your prayerlife and challenge you in so many ways.

Tabea Herter

1st year student TBBMI, from Austria

In august 2018 i moved to Oslo to become a full time prayer-missionary in Day&Night.

For many years my heart has been burning for prayer and worship, so it was a joy for me to hear about this prayer-ministry. It has been a great blessing. God has opened doors for me and I have learned so much. Being here I also have the opportunity to get to know amazing people from all over the world.

God is worthy of all our praise and worship.  In the book of revelation we read that around the throne of God in Heaven there is constant worship. If there is worship 24/7 in Heaven, why shouldn’t we have 24/7 worship on earth?

My dream is to see revival. In our one strength we can’t do anything, but for God nothing is impossible. So we have to pray!

Ingvild Storkaas

Full-time prayer missionary, from Norway