Vision Statement

An altar that never burns out, where worship and prayer goes up before God day and night and where people are met with love and mercy.

🙏 Prayer

Interceeding for the nations of the world, believing that God loves to answer when his people pray.

🙌 Worship

God’s name shall be glorified through a people who love to love him and who believe that worship is warfare.

💕 Mercy

Loving God looks like practically serving and loving every person with His compassion and mercy.


 How to get involved!

THE Alliance

The main way to achieve the goal of a 24/7 center for prayer, worship and mercy, is through an alliance betwen all the people of God.
We envision Markus Kirke becoming a Church for the entire nation of Norway, and even Europe. The Alliance is how the Churches and ministries can get involved and have ownership in this work. We invite those who become a part of the alliance to participate in the actual work in Markus Kirke, Oslo, at a minimum once a year. For those who are closer geographically, it is desirable to participate more often. Once every semester, every month or even every week. This is a work that needs to be done together, not being accomplished by only one group of people, but as a work of unity for the whole body of Christ. As a part of the alliance, you will naturally be informed, involved and invited into what is going on as the work develops. You will have ownership, and a voice that matters in this work. We welcome you to the Alliance.

Personal membership

Let’s do this together! You can be a part of Day&Night as an individual by becoming a personal member.

Being a member of Day&Night, you will receive first-hand updates and information on special events and development on all areas. Being an ‘insider,’ you will also be invited to co-worker gatherings and prayer schools and other important happenings. Most importantly, you will be ”a part of the family.”

Becoming a personal member is not too costly, but it matters a great deal to the running and building of this center.

We ask a minimum of 50 NOK a month as a monthly support, but you can chose any amount above that.

There is no other obligation to being a personal member. If you want to practically involve yourself in the work, please send us a message.

To set up you personal membership, please click here.

Full-time Prayer Missionary

Why not go all in? One of the exciting ways to be a part of Day&Night is to be a full-time prayer missionary.

As a full-time prayer missionary you raise your own support from your Church and/or people that you know who believe in the vision.

As a missionary in Oslo, you find your own place to live, preferably nearby St.Hanshaugen where Markus Kirke is situated.

You will have a key part in building the center for prayer, worship and mercy, being fully involved with this work as your main occupation.

Being a full-time prayer missionary you will use your individual giftings and passions, as we work together to set up a tailor made program and schedule for you. You will work closely with the leadership on the house, and be involved in the vibrant community of students and many others involved. This is a uniqe opportunity!

If you want more information, and learn how to apply to become a full-time prayer missionary, click below.

TBBMI student

In TBBMI (Troens Bevis Bibel & Misjonsinstitutt) you have a unique opportunity to be deeply involved in Day&Night combined with being a Bible School Student.

In TBBMI you can do 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, or complete all three of them. In the 1st year you can have between 8 – 20 hours of practice in the Day&Night, in the 2nd year there is more, and in the 3rd year you are full-time in practice with only a few weeks of teaching. All the time there is great follow – up and great teaching, as well as a focus on mission.

All three years is approved to apply loan and scholarship from Lånekassen, which gives a great opportunity for you who want to be deeply involved in Day&Night. 

It is possible to apply directly for the 2nd or 3rd year if you have a year of Bible School from another ministry.

Read more about your possibilities in the webpage of TBBMI.

Contact us!

God called me out of my work as a nurse in Austria to join the first year at this Bible school. What impacted me most in these last few months is that as a part of Day&Night practise, I learned how to pray! Realy pray. Its acutally not boring, but a privilege to talk to God. This 2-way communication makes our relationship to Him so much stronger and deeper.

If you want to see a change in your personal life, your family, your country… you need to start praying. Prayer is something you have to throw yourself into – just do it! – and walk alongside strong prayer warriors. And I can tell you, you find them here!

Day&night will not only give opportunities to grow in worship, sound-technique and reaching out to people in mercy ministries, but to change your prayerlife and challenge you in so many ways.

Tabea Herter

1st year student TBBMI, from Austria

In august 2018 i moved to Oslo to become a full time prayer-missionary in Day&Night.

For many years my heart has been burning for prayer and worship, so it was a joy for me to hear about this prayer-ministry. It has been a great blessing. God has opened doors for me and I have learned so much. Being here I also have the opportunity to get to know amazing people from all over the world.

God is worthy of all our praise and worship.  In the book of revelation we read that around the throne of God in Heaven there is constant worship. If there is worship 24/7 in Heaven, why shouldn’t we have 24/7 worship on earth?

My dream is to see revival. In our one strength we can’t do anything, but for God nothing is impossible. So we have to pray!

Ingvild Storkaas

Full-time prayer missionary, from Norway